Blog Internet Marketing Online – 7 Secrets of How to Maximize Your Blog Marketing Profit!

To maximize your blog marketing profit online, you have to learn the right strategies for your blog internet marketing. With the right strategies, you will earn extra money on the internet and boost your blog marketing profit. You will learn top 7 secrets of how to maximize your profits with your blogs in this article. In general, marketing your blog online is not all that hard to do. You have to be consistency, persistent and want to success, however, if you want your blog to do well. You can not just make a post and forget about it. You have to update continuously your blog and market consistency it so that it will become popular and one that everyone wants to read. There are many blog internet marketing online techniques to promote your blogs and earn money on the internet. In this article, you will learn top 7 secrets of how to advertise your blog online. You will discover workable and proven success blog internet marketing techniques. 1. Conduct the interview session with other targeted people in your blog market. Interviewing other people and posting the interview results on your blog is an excellent technique to market your blog online. To maximize the effective interview and your blog internet marketing online, you have to ensure that those people that you interview pertain to the market of your blog. You want all of your posts to be quality, useful, relevant, including any interviews that you might do. For example, if your blog internet online market was vacuum cleaners, and you did an interview with the owner of Hoover vacuum cleaner; that would definitely pertain to your market. 2. Update and post hot news, breaking news and up-to-date news on your blog. If you hear any news on the market of your blog, you have to make sure that you post it on your blog. This technique is one of the most powerful blog internet marketing online techniques. Everyone loves news, and event. The readers of your blog will appreciate your blogs about the current events in the market. However, there is something to keep in mind when blogging about the news is the more current the news, the better. No one wants to re-read old news, so it is a great idea to try and stay as current as possible when you are blogging about the news. 3. Setup the contest in your blog and market. Contests are another blog marketing technique that you effectively market your blog. Having contests on various things would be a lot of fun, and something that will keep your readers coming back. Everyone loves to win things, and you can also make the prize that you are giving away relevant to the market you are promoting on your blog. 4. Write your own original content with high quality standard. While great content is something that you will need for your blog, you also want to ensure that it is original content. You can market a blog with something that is copied and that you do not own the rights. Importantly, the plagiarism will get you in trouble with Google as well as the person that originally wrote the content. Obviously, it appears that you have to ensure that you own the right when you post anything on your blogs. This is a great thing to know and do when you are marketing your blog. 5. Write the press releases. There is no doubt that press releases are also an excellent way to market your blog online. Writing the press release about your blog is the most powerful blog internet marketing technique to promote your blogs to the world and maximize your blog marketing profit. This technique has been proven that your blogs will be visible to the world quickly and as long as it is on the internet. 6. Try to give your comments on other related blogs. Giving your comments on other blogs is also a very important aspect of blog internet marketing online. You will want to be sure that you always answer and acknowledge the comments that are made to your blog as well as others. When you show that you are an actual person that can hold a conversation, you are showing others that you are real and that you really and truly have the best intentions for your blog. There is one thing you have to remember when you use this blog marketing technique. It is to make sure that no comment goes unanswered. 7. Exchange your blog links with others. Marketing a blog comes naturally for some and can be a little harder to focus on for others. Another important thing that you will want to do for your blog is to be sure that you find links. Exchange links, get one way links, and ask for more and more links. You will never have enough links to your blog. The more links the better in this blog internet marketing online. Final thoughts, it obviously appears that the blog internet marketing online is not hard to do with the right strategies. To make sure that you can earn extra money on the internet with your blogs and maximize your blog marketing profit , you have to make sure that you follow all above of the proven and tried techniques. The last suggestion could be that you do not give up and keep on consistency marketing your blogs online. It will definitely pay off sooner or later in the future.

Blog Marketing–What a Blog Can Do For Online Business

A blog can be defined as publication of thoughts maintained in a web page in reverse chronological order. Generally a blog is maintained by any individual with regular entries and comments which may be texts, images or links to other blogs. The interactive format of blogs allows any reader to leave comments. Posts or entries in any blog are updated quite frequently. Weblog is the term actually coined in this respect. The number of blogs has exploded from a few thousands to a few millions within the last few years owing to its popularity. The two major categories of blogs are: Personal Blogs: The most common form of blogs is the personal blogs. The way of maintaining an online ongoing diary by any individual, which reflects anyone’s thought or even his/her work allowing viewers to comment is generally referred to as personal blogs. Through personal blogs individuals can share thoughts and feelings instantaneously with friends and family. Business Blogs: Another form of blogs that provides a platform for communication between the customers or employees is called business blogs. Business blogs are generally aimed at promoting any business. Business blogs facilitates sharing of any company’s expertise. Business communities are greatly benefitted with the increasing number of blogs every day. Business blogs have gained immense exposure in enhancing communication, establishing public relations, connecting with potential customers, branding and even for building additional web traffic. Business blogs have provided the small business owners an opportunity to make their business globally spread. Instead of investing time on learning web html or investing money on hiring a designer/developer, small business owners can afford to make their web presence by only maintaining a business blog. It is both much easier as well as inexpensive to update the weblog than to contact a web designer to modify or change the contents of a web site. Blogs may not have the functionalities of a web page, but its cost effectiveness has given the small business owners a scope to make their internet presence. Sharing of knowledge and expertise with a large number of audiences is another feature the business blogs has to offer. On one hand a business blog provides the opportunity for powerful marketing and on the other hand facilitates sharing as also exchange of knowledge through comments and views. Irrespective of the nature of the blogs, blog software can be easily operated. Simply -thoughts are needed to be written, linked to the resources, and published in the blog. Some blog software companies like Typepad, provides the platform for easy and free blogging. The interactive format of blogs allows any reader to leave comments. Posts or entries in any blog are updated quite frequently. Weblog is the term actually coined in this respect. The number of blogs has exploded from a few thousands to a few millions within the last few years owing to its popularity.It is both much easier as well as inexpensive to update the weblog than to contact a web designer to modify or change the contents of a web site. Blogs may not have the functionalities of a web page, but its cost effectiveness has given the small business owners a scope to make their internet presence.

Online Marketing Blog: The Benefits Of Blogging

Blogs are first intended as means of expressing one’s thoughts and opinions. Then, they gradually became a tool for publicity for celebrity and paparazzi. Later, blogs were picked up by the business world and used as a tool to promote their sites, create more online presence, and expand their businesses. From simple web pages, blogs have become an important online marketing instrument that can benefit both small and large businesses. Here are the benefits of blogging in online marketing:

Brand Building
A marketing blog builds your brand as easy as making one post per day. Blogs help you to generate not only online presence, but also brand recall, making it possible for your business to become known to whoever has access to the internet.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing
Blogging is a great way to generate organic traffic and a great way to directly communicate with your clients, but more importantly, if you are running a marketing campaign, it helps you generate traffic.

Blogs are generally very cheap compared to other online marketing campaigns. You can just hire one blogger who will maintain one or many blog sites as well as update contents daily. Or, you can simply write one blog per day about your business and it will easily build online presence and reputation. And as long as blogs stay live, your content is valid and can be picked up for many years to come.

Users do not need to sign up to view your site. They can open, read, write comments, and get information easily without the time consuming process that is more common with other marketing tools like online forums.

Direct link to customers
Other forms of marketing tools do not quite match the power of blogs. Because your clients can post comments in blogs anytime, businesses can get instant feedback and can send messages back to the clients to provide answers to their queries. This makes the business more connected to the customers, providing a sense of personalized service.

Reputation building
Image is crucial to any brand. Any problem of your company or complaint raised by customers can be damaging to your business. If not addressed as quickly as possible, your reputation will suffer. Blogging helps your clients to discuss these issues directly to the business. You can then send replies to your clients addressing these issues right away, protecting the business from any damage that may result from any unresolved or unaddressed concerns.

The Potential Benefits Of Having A Online Marketing Blog

These days it seems like so many people are flocking towards the internet. It’s no wonder the web stretches to millions of people worldwide. It’s actually very common to speak to people from all around the world who are online on a Tuesday when it s Monday in your area. This is due to the time zones and the millions and million of people online you can converse with. Because of this, the internet has become a common place to have good friends in other countries which you’ve never connected with in person. With all these things possible within our online world, it will be imperative that you make a signature that will stick out among the millions of people out there.

The simplest way to do that is by using your own personal website! Read the advantages to proudly owning your own marketing blog website!

Online Market Branding

Businesses like Best Buy, K-Mart, Dr Pepper or any similar big name retailer have their own brands; so since you are in business you will need to brand yourself as well. Being in charge of your own online marketing blog permits you the flexibility to build the brand you wish. It is possible to express yourself and allow your personality to shine.

Marketing Blog Design

With networks and replicated website, nothing at all is to enable you to stick out one of the rest. By hosting your own blog, you choose the way you want your online marketing blog to appear. You can design your website just they way you would want it because its yours. This goes hand in hand with branding also. And… you can alter your look any time you get ready!

Content Control On Your Marketing Blog

Whenever you own your own personal blog, you control the information. You have full control of what is shown as well as how often you decide you want the website to be updated.The best thing is that you all the content on the marketing blog is created and kept up by yourself unless you get someone else to do it.

Revenue Generation

Starting on a blogging network like or a website like is OK because it provides free hosting. However, you don’t control the revenue generation. You’ll be able to monetize your own personal self-hosted blog. You decide on the products to market and those will be featured in your online marketing blog. You’re able to keep 100% on the revenue generated.


Mind-share occurs when someone is able to easily remember you. This is achieved that has a domain name. You are able to choose your website address by using a self-hosted online marketing blog. You can choose your own name as your website name which would look like or you can create a domain that caters to your product which would look like What ever you decide to do make it something that is catchy that goes with your niche if you can. You would want to avoid lengthy domain names so your person can readily remember what it is.

Getting The Traffic

That has a static website, an individual has search for you specifically.With your own online marketing blog you could rank on the first page of Google depending on your keywords, thus generating more traffic on the search engines who will in turn visit your website. These are simply a few of the advantages to running your own online marketing blog. There are much more. Start experiencing and enjoying the benefits today!

Shawn is an Entrepreneur & Mentor who has a passion for Personal Development and Marketing. He specializes in teaching new and current Home Based Business and Small Business Owners how to build their business by keeping things simple. To learn how to blog daily on a simple blogging platform and earn income visit Blog Daily

Importance of a Blog for Business

While creating a multi-channel marketing and communication strategy, certain key platforms of online marketing such as digital marketing and social media marketing will be an indispensable part of the grander scheme of things. In the midst of piecing together your online marketing puzzle, you will ask yourself the question – Do I really need a blog for my business?

The answer is a resounding Yes!

A meaningful and regularly updated blog is a great and inexpensive way to boost your inbound marketing activities, drive target audience to your site, build your brand and gain new prospects. Creating and maintaining a business blog offers you a direct channel of communication with your audience and opens up new opportunities for your business. Here’s why your business needs a blog

1. A Blog boosts your SEO ranking:
Blogs have the power to give you the SEO juice you desire! Search Engines like Google and the Yahoo-Bing network (among others) love fresh, valuable and unique content. By creating and updating content on your blog consistently, you are offering original content for search engines to index; if you offer relevant keywords based content, your SEO ranking could get a boost. Every time you create a new blog post, you are essentially creating a new web page on your site, thus giving search engines more opportunities to index and rank your site. Websites that blog typically have 434% more indexed pages than those who do not blog. Moreover, websites that blog typically have 97% more inbound links.

2. Blogs convert traffic into leads:
Blogs which provide value to users generate leads for the business, as users start referring to you as an expert in your domain. Incorporating a call-to action in each piece of blog content is a great way to convert your incoming user base into leads. A 77% upswing in median monthly leads is observed in businesses with more than 51 blog posts. The call-to action could range from filling out an information form, calling a 24×7 helpline or leaving a query on the blog post itself.

3. Convert leads into sales:

The ultimate goal of your content marketing activities is to generate revenue from your target audience – blogs have the potential to convert relevant leads into revenue generators, with the added benefit of being a low-cost avenue. 31.1% of the digital audience consider a business blog to be the second most influential factor when it comes to making a purchase. A well-curated blog serves as the brand’s voice and a rich source of information about new products, services and value propositions that the business has to offer to its consumers.

4. Blogging positions you as an expert:
When you create and post unique, interesting and share-worthy content within your niche, you are creating a clout of reliability around your business. Over time, your content and opinion on various industry relevant topics becomes valuable and resourceful. Aside from sharing your expertise with the online community, posting informative content on your business blog or on other blogs (via guest blogging) positions you as an influencer in the industry. According to Technorati, 71% of respondents who maintain blogs for a business have reported that they have increased their visibility within their industries through their blogs, while 56% said that their blog has helped them position as a thought leader within the industry.

5. It’s a great conversation platform:
Your business blog is a great platform to directly communicate with your audience. Blogging provides you with avenues to connect with your site visitors through comments, feedback and questions. By proactively responding to and engaging with your audience, you can build a favourable rapport with them; build a relationship based on trust and gain insights into what your customers really need.

Although a business blog is a cost-effective tool to boost traffic to your website and generate engagement, it requires dedication and a structured approach. But all in all, a blog is a must-have for businesses looking to establish themselves in the digital content space.

How to Implement Effective Online Marketing Plan?

If you are planning to create a marketing plan, nothing could be difficult. It is better to go with an easy method. Here, you can go through a marketing plan that will allow you to achieve your goals for a wider reach at a quicker pace and that’s too in pocket friendly budget.

In order to produce a marketing plan that can find your products and services in front of thousands of eyes, there are some elements that are important to consider beforehand.

• Set considerable goals. For example it might be that you wish 500 unique visitors every day to your website or 10 new clients in the upcoming 6 months.

• Put into place a size system for each section. This might be a device such as Google analytics in order to record the results of your online task. For offline tacking, you might enlarge a process to confine the source of a client such as a client survey.

• Consider what you are receiving so far. What is the main source of your traffic and how you measure them?

• Make use of several approaches of marketing. You may desire to include local media that can as radio or newspaper along with video marketing, online social media, and blogging.

• Consider the fact that every market differ from each other and will consume some time to understand how best to market to your spectators. It is most possible that you will require tweaking and measuring as you go.

• Every component or process will require be tweaking and editing to locate its most powerful and useful account. Plan to divide test each one for best performance.

• Online marketing services with marketing plan should be considered into account the upcoming six months. It would comprise all channels that you desire to market throughout. It would also point the demographics of your clients, innovative products and serious actions for every product and market.

Have a look on some marketing approaches that you might prefer to include in your plan:

• Video marketing
• Social media
• Google AdWords campaign
• LinkedIn advertising
• Blog
• Trade shows
• Free seminars

The perfect marketing plan should be developed by brainstorming and then count more information includes particular tasks and dates. Covert each campaign into smaller tasks, give priority to each project and distribute a budget accordingly. Once you are clear about what requirements to be done, then it will be a lot simpler to implement the plan. If you discover it an awe-inspiring task to build a marketing plan, keep in mind to begin small and build it up.

The Significance of Online Marketing for Small Business

This is undoubtedly an internet era we are living in. Every sphere of our lives– both personal and professional– have been reshaped thanks to the arrival of internet. From the way we used to keep in touch with our old buddies or family friends to the way marketing or business promotions were done even a decade ago; netizens know that every spectrum of our lives have undergone changes in recent past.
Internet has almost been a revolution and if reality is to be believed then it won’t be an over statement to say that in near future internet, technology and various other branches of science are going to play bigger roles in shaping up our normal lives.
Business world has surely benefitted a lot from internet with business promotion and online marketing becoming easier with time.
However, the small or midsized businesses in search to make its’ mark on the internet often needs to fight hard to try hard to get noticed. Well, we all understand that in order to stand out from the crowd and to draw attention, you need to be cleverer about the way you go about your marketing efforts. Hence it’s imperative to be strategic about your online marketing for small business. You not only need to do your business in the most advances manner but also needs to ensure that you are doing it by applying the best techniques.
Even though there are numerous factors to be considered while putting together an Online Marketing for Small Businesses, possibly the most important factor is that you need to have a comprehensible idea of what you want to achieve from you campaign. It may be different for every business, but a successful online marketing campaign mainly ensures:
‚¬ More Blog visitors
‚¬ Improved number of Leads
‚¬ Boosting the awareness of your new product line
‚¬ More referrals from other sites
Whatever your desired outcome, focus on how you will achieve that and break that process into smaller steps. Various popular forms of today’s online marketing are the following:
Social Networking – social networking is an integral part of these days to promote anything. To reach out to millions within fraction of minutes nothing better than an active account in Facebook or Twitter. Also use other such avenues to go viral in quick time.
Video sites- thanks to Youtube and such other sites, promoting your products or your talent on-line is easy like never before. You just need a camera and if you are posting something serious then a good script or a dialogue format will be the best option. Say it in front of the camera, express yourself as far as possible and post it on the channel.
Article marketing- another great way to let the world know about your website is through article marketing options. Write on your favored topics and most-talked-about issues and then post it on host of article-submission sites to get the best results.
In the end, online marketing for small business should be a great way for you to increase the visibility of your brand across multiple sites, and in front of a far bigger audience than you would get via any other form of marketing such as door to door, print or telemarketing.

Tips For Hiring An Online Marketing Consultant

Hiring an online marketing consultant is a wise decision if you want to make your business efficient and save a lot of time. There are also many people who try to do this on their own however fail due to lack of knowledge and experience in this field. The online marketing is a very vast field and therefore, you will need the services of a marketing consultant. However, it is also important to keep some important tips in mind before you hire anyone.
Experience and qualification of the consultant
Today, there are a large number of ways by which you can market your services such as social media marketing, blog marketing, search engine optimization etc. Most of the consultants specialize in any one if these strategies. But a good consultant is the one who is familiar with all types of strategies and should be well experienced in applying them in the right manner. Not only this, he should also be able to advise you on the best strategy for your business.
Open and frank conversation
The professional consultants will not mind if you ask them for an open conversation about their background and experience. You can ask them each and every question which you have in your mind regarding their marketing strategy. Ask them for their portfolio. After studying it carefully ask them questions regarding their previous projects. Additionally, you can also ask them to show the traffic status of the websites of their current clients. This can be very helpful for you to know about their quality of services. If you think that your consultant is hesitating in providing the required documents or statics, then it is better to look for someone else.
Make an honest confirmation on consultants
The data and the records which a consultant shows to you can be fake and therefore, it becomes important to make sure that the records shown to you are real. In this aspect it is essential that you should check the client testimonials. You can ask them to provide the contact information of their current or previous clients so that you can talk to them in order to know the quality of service which you are planning to hire.
These are some of the important tips which you should follow when you are planning to hire online marketing services.
Nowadays, you can easily find an online marketing consultant however before hiring any online marketing services it is important to follow some tips which are as given below.

How to Choose Online Marketing Service Provider

In this competitive world every minute someone is launching something new in and hence it is important for business to compete with those new products or firms which are giving tough competition to them. So every business should do good of their product, and for doing good of your business you need a good marketer.
Choosing is one of the most difficult works for every business. How your product communicates with its audience is the most important for every product. What message you are trying to give and what message audience are getting is important. So it is necessary that every business should choose a reliable and efficient for their product. Now days there is new trend of marketing Rochester NY that is online marketing? This trend came because many people nowadays do shopping online, it is easy and less time consuming and nowadays business use online. While choosing online one should keep in mind following points:
1. Experience:
Should have experience in doing online. The fresher do not have an idea about. So while hiring you should ask about his previous assignments and track record of done by him. Marketer should be professionally updated, and should know the current trends and affairs and also rules & regulations about online.
2. Hand holding or prefer self-service:
You should keep in mind about how you want to involve your. More advanced marketing will surely cost you more. For small and medium size business it is preferable to have self service. It is more flexible and easy to control.
3. Cost:
First of all shortlist the 4-5 marketers and then ask them about their cost. Ask those questions like how much will it cost and for how much time they will be marketing for you. One who is best in services and costing reasonable amount should be selected for your brand.
4. Way of marketing:
One should be clear about how marketer will reach the audience. It is important for business that their product should be marketed on right place. Business should ask the marketer in how much time marketer will start doing marketing of his product and how much time it will take marketer to arrange everything for the marketer.
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Top 5 Mistakes Made by Online Marketers. Don’t Make These Mistakes and Sabotage Your Promotional Efforts

Top 5 Mistakes made by Online Marketers. Don’t make these mistakes and sabotage your promotional efforts
Today I am tackling one of the BIGGEST problems faced by new online marketers. The problem is this, the inability to market effectively. This causes so many marketers incredible frustration! The result, they throw up their hands in despair and quit long before they see any results.
This is what I hear from people day after day in my role as an online Home Business Consultant. “I am posting, and promoting but not getting any leads or sales! Help me!” If this is you, keep reading, I am going to tell you what you need to know about marketing.
It is true that you can be promoting every day but if you are making one or all of the 5 common
mistakes I’ve outlined here, you won’t get the results you want. Take note, this is important stuff if you are really serious about making money online.
1. The first mistake made by new online marketers is this:
Not knowing WHAT to market.
I talk to people daily, nice people who want to sell something online and earn some extra money. They sign up or this and for that, they get Affiliate Memberships all over the web hoping to get better results by being involved in everything they can get their hands on. There intentions are good, they are motivated but they stumble right off the bat by not knowing what to market.
Here’s a quick guide for you on WHAT to Market: -Pick products to market that are DIGITAL. Digital products are those that can be bought and sold instantly online. You get your commission sooner, the buyer gets their product instantly! It’s no-fuss no-muss and the best way to start your web marketing experience and see some results. -In most cases there is no cost to be a product Reseller or Affiliate – hurray! -Pick Reseller products from a reputable long-standing company that specializes in helping vendors connect with affiliates to sell products online -Pick products or affiliate programs that provide advertising copy, banners, and sales aids along with referral links so you can easily promote the products -Pick products that catch YOUR EYE! Newest releases, products with catchy names, trendy topics, those with positive buyer feedback, and return guarantees are best! -Look for Joint Venture releases so you can be one of the first to promote the products when first released for sale Finally, FOCUS! Keep your eye on the prize – profits – don’t spread yourself too thin. Narrow your efforts to a few products and put 100% effort into your campaign.
2. The second most common mistake made by new online marketers is this:
Not knowing HOW to market.
I am always surprised at the answer people give me when I ask how they are marketing online. They look at me perhaps thinking what a ridiculous question that is! They tell me they are sending out their website address. When I look at their website I see a site that is oh so boring! It reads like a brochure with company history, and a few pages of fluffy copy. Yes, of course it is important to promote your website address BUT if you wish to capture leads you must do this – get the prospects contact information!
Getting the contact information from a prospect is often very difficult to do with a standard corporate site. The answer to this problem is to create what are called LANDING pages, or Squeeze pages. These are single page sites that have one purpose and one purpose only – get you a LEAD – and better yet lead to a sale! Some companies provide Landing Pages for you when you become a Reseller for their products. Landing pages help you build your marketing list. Every person may not be a buyer today, but on your mailing list they may enjoy future products you offer. Offering an option to join your mailing directly on your Landing Page gives people 100% control over opting in to your mailing list or not. You build your list while ensuring that people have voluntarily joined your mailing list.
Here’s a quick guide to creating responsive landing pages:
-They should be FAST Loading! Skip any animation, video or annoying distraction that just makes people click OFF! -Use images that are colorful, directive, and related to the theme of your product -Your copy MUST be short, punchy, laden with benefits – speak directly to the reader -Your copy should tell readers what they get if they ACT now! Limit the offer, even better! -Capture the contact information of the reader so you can deliver what they asked for -The more goodies, freebies, offers, and cool stuff you can give people the BETTER the response! -Always include an option for people to join your mailing list and give them GREAT reasons to want to do so!
Unlike a website, a landing page should be EXCITING, BENEFIT-LADEN and accomplish this:
Look reader! You get this! Do this to get it! Do it NOW and also get this BONUS!
3. Here is the third most common mistake I see new marketers making:
Marketing is NOT simple but if you know what you are doing it can be. The key is to find the sites, the niches where you can target your market. Market to the right people instead of the masses with solid products and you will get instantly better results.
Here’s a quick guide to knowing WHERE to market:
-Do a Google search to find sites related to what you are promoting, then target those sites for your marketing campaigns -Use every available niche market you can find and post there, this includes Forums, Classified Ad Sites, Banner Exchanges, Twitter and Social Networking and Bookmarking sites. -Do not discount FREE and low cost advertising options like BLOGS, and Exchanges. These are excellent ways to target a specific market -You do NOT have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising. Find the sites where your target market exists, then place low cost ads including safelist posts, banners, and classified ads. Don’t even think about buying pay-per-click ads at sites like Google unless you have deep pockets and know what you are doing. -Learn what backlinks are and why they are SO VERY important to generating traffic and achieving better search engine indexing for your site, products or business. -If any of the terms above are foreign to you, you have some homework to do, I have included some resources below.
4. Are you ready for the fourth and perhaps most fatal mistake made by new online marketers?
Not knowing how to TRACK your promotional campaigns
If you are going to spend time and money to promote a product or service you MUST, you absolutely MUST know where you are getting your results. Ad Tracking is a 100% requirement! If you are not tracking your ads, and the clicks you get and from where, you are promoting blindly. What happens when you don’t watch what you are doing? You can fall in a hole! Online this can be a hole where you fall in and throw your money into wasted ad campaigns. I’ve seen more people allow paid advertising to eat up their entire budget than I want to think about. Smart marketers that get results know exactly the ad campaigns that get results, and the sources they came from.
Get an Ad Tracker Tool. Some advertising sites provide you with data on number of clicks to your ads, or impressions. This is important, just be sure you understand what those terms mean. A click is usually far more powerful for you then a “view”. You want ACTIVE respondents, real people actually clicking on your ad to see it. This is much different than an “exposure” or a “view” with the latter being considered passive and very weak marketing, often provided free. For best results you will ALWAYS get better results from paid advertising than from free advertising but don’t discount free promotion, it is a good way to earn advertising credits if you have a small advertising budget. If you buy advertising be SURE you get some kind of way to validate the promotion, the click rate, and actual IP addresses of unique respondents to ensure the hits are legitimate and not computer generated. Make sure your respondents will be geographically specific too, from countries that you wish to target. For example, Canada or the USA. If you have your own domain you are fortunate, as you can benefit from an Ad Tracking tool that tracks all your promotional activities and traced to your website domain address.
5. The fifth common mistake I see online marketers making is very straight-forward.
Not being realistic or giving it enough consistent time and effort to see results.
I know we live in an instant gratification world but if you are new to online marketing you will need to be more realistic. Promotion takes a lot of CONSISTENT effort using a number of strategies at a number or web sites. By tracking your ads you can see instantly where your efforts are being productive. Be prepared to try various copy, be cognizant that some products will sell better than others, some advertising resources will deliver better than others. Vary your offers, change up your products as needed, update landing pages, post to a number of sites and track the results. Take some time to learn about some of the terms used in this article. Be honest with yourself about what you are doing. Are you serious about earning money online or are you doing this as a hobby? Your level of hunger and ambition to succeed will be your motivator. The good news is that once you have built your mailing list, and found niche sites and advertising resources that work, your job to promote gets easier but NEVER goes away.